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MIDI Junction

Program that allows live performances with programs like Propellerhead Reason or Native Instrument Kontakt Player. Uses virtual MIDI ports to communicate with them and with a simple but elegant interface for switching between instruments and performing live. Used for live worship every Sunday morning in the church I go to.


.NET-based cron daemon, aiming for the same reliability and stability as Unix-based cron services, but on Windows. Can replace Windows Services and Scheduled Tasks, typically for running service-like processes as part of an application suite - or just by itself.

Archer C7 Access Control

The Archer C7 is a great little router that got excellent reviews. Unfortunately, the access controls are a pain in the neck to configure. Hence, I wrote a little program that does that for you. An editable XML file allows you to control and update the access control settings with a minimum of effort.


MicroPhpFw is a microscopic PHP framework based on its big brother, Nifty PHP Framework. It's a completely text-based framework with MarkDown templating capabilities, in less than 500 lines of PHP and JS code (aside from the JQuery and MarkDown libraries). There is no database, no editing support, no administration, just simple text files. Should be secure, incredibly lightweight, and yet easy enough to be used with a minimum of introduction.

Nifty PHP Framework

Nifty PHP Framework is a robust, capable MVC framework for PHP, and can be used to build large corporate intranets with. I know, because I did that. Unfortunately I'm the only one who ever used it... but it was a good learning experience in how to build frameworks. I rather like it. This website uses Nifty.


A PHP and Delphi class for looking up an IPv4 address and matching it to a country. Uses a binary search algorithm that enables a large amount of lookups per second. Uses the publicly available database at The Delphi classes probably don't build anymore, and it doesn't handle IPv6. I might update it sometime. Probably when I retire.

Non-GitHub Projects


A little therapeutic tool for working those aggressions out on the computer desktop. Great whenever code refuses to work as intended, when the computer acts weird, when programs crash, and the entire world seems engineered to frustrate you for no apparent reason. Just kick back, load up, and shoot away at that pesky little Word application, a picture of the CEO, or whatever it is that you’re up against.

gmshadow 0.3.1

gmshadow is a small Win32 utility that allows you to backup and restore your gmail account through full or incremental backups. It operates directly over IMAPv4, and it’s optimized for speed – it will typically chug through thousands of emails in a matter of minutes, depending on your connection speed. Emails can be stored in a directory, in a zip file, or as an mbox archive. Multiple accounts can be added to the configuration file, and it should theoretically work with any IMAP server, not just gmail.

Mobile Notepad

I made a small little utility that lies on the screen as a little scratch-pad. It kind of snuggles up very transparently on your desktop, and is always there. Most of these types of things are really ugly, and take up lots of place. I decided to write my own to do just exactly the opposite - it's extremely light-weight.