So far, I've managed to put together a few small pieces for piano, that I thought worked out rather well.

Annika's Theme (op. 1)

This is a song I started writing years and years ago. It's rather odd, regularly switching between 3/8, 6/8, 8/8 and 9/8; and also with three different keys. But all in all, it's rather fun to play, and sounds pretty okay. It should be played rather fast, but it is important to obey the ritardando signs (slow down), to achieve a sort of stop-and-go effect.

I didn't think I would dedicate it to anyone, but as it so happens, its musical qualities reminded me of someone I was rather fond of for a while, hence the dedication. It seemed to fit her; so it became her song.

Song of Joseph (op. 2)

The Song of Joseph is inspired by Philip Glass in a typically minimalist sort of way. There's not much to it, just a simple rhythm and some variation. But the nice way that the chords match each other in major/minor keys and the way its own musical structure lends itself to flights of fancy makes it, in my own opinion, quite beautiful.

The reference comes from the biblical Joseph, and his time spent in Pharaoh's prison, where God worked with him for many years. It's an experience which can be both positive and yet sorrowful. It is a process of broken hearts, crushed dreams, hope against all odds and unexpected restoration, which I hope comes across in its simple but beautiful composition.

I hope the original Joseph doesn't mind.

And I don't know why Melody Assistant insists on indenting lines 2-4.

Meadows are Green (op. 3)

Meadows are Green is a song about how life can start out innocently enough, but sometimes get rocked and tossed around by external events. Sometimes storms blow and it's hard to find your way back to the happy theme of the beginning. But with God all things are possible, and as the original song carries on, the experiences you had are now transformed and incorporated into a healed life instead.

Other sketchwork

These are some other things I've put together but it's only bits and pieces, really. Some of it is nice to listen to, though.

And this is a song I wrote for my company Visionutveckling.